What Are Fundraising Business Opportunities Or Franchises?

In general, fundraising business opportunities are businesses that earn a commission from the sale of special discount cards and products that dedicate a pre-determined portion of each sale to a particular non-profit organization or specific fundraising event. Some typical clients or entities that would utilize fundraising services might include local high schools, churches, youth sports leagues, community organizations, and other non-profit groups.

Some of the top advantages of owning and operating a fundraising business are typically owners work from a home office which helps keeps overhead expenses low and their profit margins higher. It’s also essentially a sales job so there is no need for specialized equipment to operate the business. This type of also business lends itself to a flexible working schedule with the possibility of starting out part-time if desired.  And with many local and state governments strapped for cash and cutting budgets fundraising for non-profit entities could have an even brighter future going forward.