Are There Social Media Franchises For Sale Today ?

Yes. It is well known that social media and some of its distinct and high flying channels like Facebook and Twitter are a relatively new marketing platforms for small businesses. However, because of the phenomenal growth and success of the Social Media trend a number of business opportunities and franchises have emerged to provide services to small businesses who want to utilize social media to actively engage and market to their customers. In general these social media businesses and consultants perform tasks for their clients such as creating, maintaining, and consistently posting fresh and compelling content on popular channels like Facebook.

Business Model Advantages:

A number of new and affordable business opportunities like Socialmedia1st and Visible Link are prime example of turnkey and established businesses you can start that provide social media and other web marketing services to small businesses. Some of the distinct advantages these types of businesses can offer are very high growth potential, relatively low start up costs, and low overhead expenses as they can easily be home based and there is no need for expensive equipment or retail space to operate them.

You can research a number of social media related franchises here.