Become a SmartCell Dealer or Master Distributor

Established National Brand – Buy Factory Direct – Huge Exclusive Territories!

Earn a substantial FULL TIME INCOME…Part time!

Fun & Easy Business – for Men, Women, College Students, Retirees!

Huge Demand – Everyone today uses an iPhone or Smart Phone…

SmartCell Business Opportunity Info

Yes, now you CAN own your own stress-free hi-margin business!

SmartCell – Low Investment – NO RISK
100%+ Backed by inventory – High Return

      • Be your own bosssmart_cell_img2_350
      • NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED!  Your own custom online BackOffice with all the training, marketing, forms and tools you need to succeed.
      • Home or Office Based
      • Flexible hours….work when the weathers’ great!
      • Multi-billion $ fast-growth – recession-proof industry
      • Top Quality Brand-Name products. (Not cheap closeout /surplus cords that fray or fall apart after a few uses.)
      • Order at prices far below wholesale
      • Great income potential – Fast ROI!
      • No employees necessary
      • No monthly overhead
      • No large inventory – No storage required – No heavy lifting – Non perishable
      • Self-Funding expansion – No more of your own money required to grow
      • Compact, interlocking displays fit right next to the cash register
      • No need to sell… Displays are placed free on consignment in retail stores… Just re-stock very high-demand cell phone accessories to your established accounts including:  automotive service centers, convenience stores, hospitals, colleges, drug stores, delis, beauty salons, any high-traffic retailer and collect your cash!!  (Or, accounts can all be set up for you if you wish to use a placement specialist.)

Realistic part-time income R.O.I. potential $75,000 – $100,000+ per year

                                        NO RISK 100%+ Backed by inventory

  • Exclusive SmartCell Dealerships:
    Low entry investment starting at only:
    $ 10,150: Includes large exclusive territory; unlimited, self-funded, expansion potential;  25 fully stocked store counter-top displays with 3,600 pcs (Retail Value: $17,964 – $21,564).
    $ 18,900:  Includes larger exclusive territory; unlimited, self-funded, expansion potential; 50 fully stocked store counter-top displays with 7,200 pcs (Retail Value: $35,928 – $43,128).
  • Huge Exclusive SmartCell Master Distributorships:
    Minimum Master Distributorship Investments: $33,900 – 66,900
    Huge exclusive Master Territories include 100-200 Fully Stocked Displays worth far more than double the total investment amount.

Min Liquid Capital Required: $10,150
Home Based Option: Yes
No Risk:  Total Startup costs are 100%+ backed by product inventory

We’d love to tell you even more about this amazing business opportunity! If you’re ready to take the first step toward financial independence, fill out the short form and we’ll contact you with more detailed information right away!  Protected Territories are going fast!

DB Mitchell Marketing, LLC is the authorized U.S. Distributor of SmartCell products for P3 Global, LLC (An Illinois Corporation and major U.S. Importer and distributor of top quality SmartCell Brand Cell Phone Accessories)

Please Note Min Liquid Capital Required: $10,900

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