What Are Some Profitable Small Business Ideas Today ?

According to our research if you are seeking out profitable small business ideas for inspiration one of the the most profitable categories of small businesses to start today are professional services that offer financial services and small business services.  This includes services that small business owners can always use like accounting, tax preparation, payroll, legal services, insurance, and web development and marketing. One of the main reasons these types of service businesses can be so profitable is because they generally don’t have a lot of high over head expenses including a large payroll and equipment expenses. These types of businesses also offer the types of professional services that have the ability to generate highly sought after repeat business or passive income.

Another profitable and high margin small business category you might want to explore for small business ideas is the fast growing non medical senior health care industry. Businesses in this category provide essential (non-medical) caregiver services to seniors and the disabled like in home care and assisted living services.