Pay Per Lead

Franchise Opportunity Pay Per Lead Options

With cost per lead as low as $25.00 for National leads, this program is designed to be a simple and cost effective way for franchisers and business opportunity companies to manage their lead generation costs as well as help generate highly targeted leads by specific states if desired.

High Quality Leads: All leads generated are guaranteed to provide the following minimum fields in order to be considered qualified and valid:  Name, Phone # , E-mail,  Zip, & Minimum Liquid Capital Available. We do not charge for spam or bogus leads.

No Lead Minimums: Unlike some other franchise portals we do not have any minimum monthly lead quotas.

Set Up Fee & Term: We do require a $100.00 network set up fee which will be refunded by being credited to the first lead invoice generated. Our minimum campaign term is 3 months or 90 days.

Getting Started: In most cases after we have received your insertion form we can have your concept or brand up and live in 48 hours or less.  Please contact us here or call 480-502-4394 if you would like more details regarding our pay-per lead option.