Nerds We Can Fix That

Start a low cost mobile technology consulting & repair service business!



Min Liquid Capital Required: $75,000
Total Investment Range: $50,000 to $75,000
Net Worth Required: $125,000
Franchising Since: 2008
Franchise Units: 42
Locations Available: All states


nerds-van1_240pxSo, you’re smart – you already understand the tremendous potential of the tech industry, it’s the hottest business out there today, and you obviously know it!

And you like computers – do you understand business? – how about marketing? (it’s one of the most important components). That’s why you purchase a franchise, so you can count on the support you will need to succeed.

Here’s some advice whatever you do . . . know where your money goes. Ask everyone all the questions, and then compare them to Nerds We Can Fix That! We are absolutely the best opportunity available.

That’s what any good business owner would do.

“NERDS We Can Fix That!”
Cost of franchise: $24,995.
Territory: 175,000
Grand Opening: $7,500.00
Advertising: We have more than 10 national
partners to ensure your success.
Royalties: Minimum of 300.00 per month or 9%
of gross, whichever is greater.

” Those other GEEKS”
Cost of franchise: $35,000-75,000.
Territory: 25,000 – 75,000
Grand Opening: $15,000.
Royalties: Minimum of 450.00 per month, or (on average)
greater of 11% of gross, whichever is greater

Ensure your business success!

  • The smallest cash investment
  • The largest customer base
  • And, your advertising dollars spent just where you need them –at home.


Please Note Min Liquid Capital Required: $75,000

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