Why Start A Massage Therapy Franchise Business ?

Summary: Provides info about the top reasons and advantages why you might want consider starting a massage therapy franchise today.

As a franchise sales consultant I am often asked what’s the next hot concept on the horizon in the franchising world? Or what previously untapped or overlooked industry offers a business model that could potentially be well suited for franchising? Well if you had told me that massage therapy services was a good candidate I never would have guessed it. But in fact that’s exactly what had happened over the last 10 years or so as massage therapy has become a highly successful main stream franchising category with nearly a dozen established franchise brands operating in the marketplace now.

In this short article I will out line some of the top reasons why you should consider buying a massage therapy franchise business today.

A Main Street Business: The massage therapy industry has come along way in the last dozen years. Before that time businesses that offered massages (massage parlors) had a more dubious reputation in the minds of some in the public. And many considered getting a massage a superficial luxury that only the rich could afford. But over the last decade these negative perceptions have faded significantly as more Americans have chosen to visit licensed massage therapists. This new positive perception is also being bolstered by the fact that the evidence keeps mounting about the legitimate therapeutic benefits that massage therapy can offer individuals. But the most significant sign (in my opinion) that massage therapy has gone main stream over the last 12 years is how it’s been embraced by the franchising industry as a viable and very profitable business model.

Fast Growing Market: It is estimated that US consumers receive 230 million massages annually (and growing) and spend upwards of 15 plus billion dollars doing so. Massage Industry statistics also indicate that baby boomers are the most frequent and top demographic that utilize massage therapy services today. Health care professionals and physicians are also increasingly recommending massage therapy as a viable treatment in certain circumstances. These trends and facts bode well for the massage franchise industry gong forward as baby boomers (55 and older) are the fast growing population segment in America. In short the main streaming and rising demand for massage therapy services bodes extremely well for established massage franchises and franchisees that are in position to capture and service this growing market.

Very Profitable Business: With the average price of a massage being $60 per hour and the number of Americans seeking massage therapy averaging 7 visits a year, massage franchises offer a business model that is designed to generate high profits and highly sought after repeat business. Couple this with the fact unlike traditional retail franchises like restaurants massage therapy spas have relatively low overhead expenses as there is little or no inventory to carry or expensive equipment to maintain and a large staff is generally not required.

Other Advantages: Opening and operating a massage franchise is relatively easy and is considered a fun life style business. And when you buy a massage franchise business you are basically buying a turn key and proven business model that has all your operating systems and procedures in place which should in most cases increase your chances of success. Another advantage to the massage therapy business model is that you can’t get a massage over the internet. So even though there will always be competition there is no web based business model out there lurking that could potentially be a major competitive threat.

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About Author: Ray Haiber has 14 years experience as franchise sales consultant as well as a professional small business broker in Arizona.