Are There Loans To Buy Franchises ?

Yes, there are lenders and banks that will offer loans and financing to qualified buyers to purchase a proven franchise business. SBA loans for a number of reasons (including lower down payment requirement & longer terms)  are by far the most popular financing route chosen by prospective new franchisees. The main challenge today in securing a loan to buy and start a franchise business is the lingering small business credit crunch that is a result of the great recession that started back in 2008. By some estimates the dollar amount of small business loans made declined by nearly 50% during this period. Some franchisers have wisely become more pro-active and are now offering in house financing options and other special incentives to qualified buyers. And low cost franchises and business opportunities have also become a more attractive and popular option for some buyers who want to start a franchise.

Franchiser Financing: You can also view here franchises that offer in-house financing.