Glamour Nail

A One of a kind Nail art vending kiosk machine opportunity for sale!

Glamour Nail



Min Liquid Capital Requirement: $149,000
Min Net Worth: $500,000
Total Investment Range: $250,000 and Up
In Business Since: 2009
Home Based Business: Yes
Locations Available: Nationwide!

Free Success With Every Machine

Glamour Nail – The World’s Only Nail Art Vending Machine

Merging advanced technology and traditional vending, The Glamour Nail – Nail Art Vending Machine allows users to print amazing nail art directly on to their nails or take a photo using the machine’s inbuilt digital camera and flash and have it printed on their nails, all in less than a minute. With over 1,000 designs, the choices are endless. The quality of images and photos printed on to nails is amazing. Customers love using Glamour Nail!

Glamnail_vendingmachine1Here are seven reasons why The Glamour Nail kiosk is so popular:

  • Glamour Nail Art Vending Machine Business Opportunity For SaleThe world’s only Nail Art Vending Machine.
  • It’s easy and fun to use.
  • It takes less than a minute per nail.
  • Choose from 1,000 designs.
  • It’s a fantastic looking machine that attracts great interest and attention.
  • Customers can watch the whole process in real time on the touch screen display.
  • It’s compact so it can be installed in small or large locations.

This is a unique business opportunity because Glamour Nail has the “WOW” factor and it’s the only one of its kind in the world. Don’t miss this chance to place your Glamour Nail machines in great locations and watch your income grow! The Glamour Nail kiosk produces instant revenue. Pricing can be set to suit the location and the costs of operation are extremely low.

Key benefits of the Glamour Nail opportunity:

  1. There’s no competition.
  2. Fully patented worldwide.
  3. Attracts a huge demographic with disposable income.
  4. No experience is necessary.
  5. Full training and support are provided.
  6. Passive, all-cash income – works for you 24/7/365.
  7. No stock to carry – this is light and easy work.
  8. Very high profit margins.

Why Glamour Nail? Here’s why:

Glamour Nail allows you to leverage your time and earn far more money than is normally possible. Most of us are time poor, limiting how much we can earn. With Glamour Nail your time versus earning capacity goes through the roof. It only takes 10 minutes to service a machine and collect the revenue; with virtually no stock to refill the only thing you will have to worry about carrying is the cash!

Glamnail_img1_girlGlamour Nails Art Vending OpportunityThe Glamour Nail concept is remarkably simple. You own and operate a number of Glamour Nail kiosks that are placed in high traffic locations and you collect the cash weekly. Glamour Nail is much smaller than regular vending machines. This means we can locate our machines just about anywhere.

Glamour Nail – Nail Art Vending Machines are unique; Glamour Nail is the only nail art vending machine in the world. Because of this, Glamour Nail really stands out – The Glamour Nail kiosk draws a crowd; people are intrigued and amazed and it’s great fun for users.

Patented worldwide

The Glamour Nail – Nail Art Vending Machine is covered by extensive patents in the USA, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, the European Union and internationally.

Excellent training provided

Glamour Nail provides all the training you will need to successfully operate your machines. We have a dedicated nationwide network of specially trained technicians to support you when you need it.

No special skills are required to run a Glamour Nail vending business. If you are a people person, well presented, friendly and passionate about owning your own business, we would like to hear from you today!

Operators | Distributors | Master Distributors | Franchisors

Glamour Nail has excellent opportunities for operators, distributors, master distributors and franchisors. Request information to find out more about this unique opportunity.


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Please Note Min Liquid Capital Required: $149,000

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