What Types Of Franchises Have High Profit Margins ?

Although the majority of franchisers (franchise companies) active in the market today don’t disclose the profit margins they earn, it is fairly well known that some business models offer products or services that traditionally have provided high profit margins to its owners. Below are a few common examples of high profit margin franchises and business opportunities.

Coffee Houses/Shops – Its not much of  a secret  in the food and beverage industry that coffee drinks in general can offer very high margins to business owners.

Dry Cleaners – The retail dry cleaning industry has a well known reputation for offering services that have great margins.

Pizza Restaurants – The ingredients to make a the average pizza pie are relatively inexpensive (some claim less than 1 dollar) and can make the pizza business very profitable.

Internet Businesses:  In general because most Internet businesses have lower over head expenses than most traditional “Brick and Mortar” businesses the products and services they offer tend to offer high margins.

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