What Are Franchise Owners/Franchisees Biggest Complaints ?

In general and no particular order, here are some of the biggest and most common complaints that franchise owners or franchisees have with their Franchiser when owning and operating a franchise business. As a franchise consultant and Business Broker I can confirm these are some of the most common complaints.

  • The franchiser (Franchise Company) is creating competition and diluting my market share by selling and opening to many new locations near my franchise location.
  • The franchiser and or salesman has oversold the potential of their franchise business model.
  • The franchiser is not helpful or is a hindrance during the franchise re-sale process.
  • The franchiser has provided inadequate training and ongoing support .
  • The franchiser does little or nothing in return for the royalty fees it charges.
  • The franchiser is not flexible and has to many restrictions and exerts to much control over the operation of the business.