What Are Some Future Hot Franchise Trends & Ideas ?

Below you will find a list (in no particular order) of  what many franchise business experts predict will be some of the hottest franchising trends & ideas in the near future.

Future Hot Franchise Trends:

Education Services – With millions of recently lost jobs in the latest economic downturn (many in  industries that may never fully recover ) it is predicted that many people will be seeking to acquire new degrees and skills to be more competitive in the future job market.  Education related franchise concepts such as tutoring franchises and online education should benefit from this trend.

Senior Care – With a large aging population of baby boomers senior care related services is already one the fastest growing franchise industries or categories in the USA and will continue to be going forward.

Health & Wellness – With sky rocketing health care costs and an increasing emphasis on achieving healthier lifestyles as a form of preventive health care, health and wellness related franchises such as fitness and weight loss should continue to be a hot franchise trend going forward.

Going Green – With a growing public emphasis on sustainability and creating eco-friendly  consumer products and services, not to mention government sponsored incentives, green related franchises like solar power installation services is predicted to be a hot and growing franchising trend going forward.