Dine In 2Nite

An affordable and  unique meal delivery service franchise!

Dine In 2Nite



Total Investment Range: $49,500 – $79,000
Min Liquid Capital Required: $39,000
Franchise Fee: $34,950

Dine In 2Nite is the first subscription based catering franchise, delivering freshly prepared gourmet meals for $10 per day.

For the typical individual or family, the choices for dinner at home are few:

Shop for, prepare, cook, serve, and tidy your own meals from start to finish
Pick up or order in costly meals with limited selection and often lacking quality or nutritional value
Purchase prepared meals which are typically frozen and either lack variety, nutritional value or taste
Dine In 2Nite is poised to change the marketplace by adding another more attractive option for dinner. Convenient delivery of quality,freshly-prepared meals means many things to a family or individual. More time with loved ones; less time wasted going grocery shopping, preparing food, cooking food, and tidying up dishes, pots, and pans; no more throwing out unused groceries and produce; greatpotential financial savings for families and individuals in fuel and food costs.

Franchise Opportunity

Your Franchise Opportunity Own your own business and offer a unique and rewarding service to your local community. Dine In 2Nite has created a system for your clients to subscribe to ongoing meal delivery service, receiving hot gourmet dinners delivered to their home 3 or 5 times per week. Convenience is key – an attractive service for many individuals and families, you can provide quality entrees in your community with maximum efficiency with the Dine In 2Nite process.

Additionally, Dine In 2Nite features many benefits and advantages over traditional foodservice and restaurant franchises.

A great lifestyle business, with your Dine In 2Nite kitchen facility open Monday to Friday, you can own your own business and still have time for other things that are important in your life.

Unlike traditional restaurants and food franchises, the staffing requirements are minimal since there are no clients to be served on location, and you know in advance just how many meals to prepare.

With a subscription based clientele there is very little estimating needed, you only prepare the amount of food needed for your clients and therefore very little waste means low food costs and more money in your pocket.

Needing only a small kitchen facility and our ordering and delivery tools, the Dine In 2Nite business is available to you at a low cost of entry. You can own a Dine In 2Nite franchise, complete with a fully equipped kitchen facility for as little as $96,000.

The System

The Dine In 2Nite system offers unique benefits including:

Complete Software and Operating System From A to Z we create a process for your clients to place orders, generate daily reports for food ordering, order preparation and processing, and smart delivery routing. We even take care of the entire client billing process, making sure you are focused on what is important – growing your business and delivering quality gourmet meals to your clients.

Rational™ Smart Cooking Center Proprietary Food Cooking Process Our strategic partner creates an oven which takes all the guesswork out of meal preparation. With the Smart Cooking Center the Dine In 2Nite franchise can operate with maximum efficiency and confidence in creating a great product, even with the most inexperienced cook.

Network Intranet System The Dine In 2Nite franchisee Intranet portal is a resource for training materials, network supplier information, news and updates in the catering and restaurant industry, apparel and marketing materials, and so much more. Join our system with the comfort of knowing that you are always only a mouse-click away from a network that exists to assist you in growing your business.

Comprehensive Training Program Our one week training program provides all you need to know to own and operate a Dine In 2Nite business and kitchen facility. Learn about the fundamentals of food preparation, how to operate a Smart Cooking Center, marketing strategies, and much more practical knowledge to help you get the best start possible.

Chef Prepared Recipes provide true variety, nutrition and optimal food preparation methods. Your customers will love the meals and keep coming back for more.

Annuity Income Stream Our subscription based model offers our franchise partners a one-of-a-kind business with tremendous income and growth potential along with maximum return on both investment and asset value.

Prime Locations Available A growing network offers a wider variety of options in placing your Dine In 2Nite business in your local market. Contact us below  to see if your area is currently available.

Please Note Min Liquid Capital Required: $39,000

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