Digital Doc

Start a low cost and high profit cell phone repair franchise business in your local area!




Total Investment Range: $83,250 – 137,450
Min Liquid Capital Required: $29,000
Franchise Fee: $29,000
In Business Since: 2010
Master & Area Developer Territories Available: Yes
Locations Available: All states.


A Great Opportunity – Digital Doc offers our franchisees a unique opportunity to take advantage of a thriving market that will not go away, even if the franchisee has zero experience! There are currently 5.2 BILLON active mobile phone subscribers. In addition, there are another 1.2 BILLON personal computers currently in use. For comparison sakes, there are 1 billon registered automobiles currently in use.

This business opportunity connects you with a VERY large customer base. While some manufacturers do offer a warranty on their product, most customers are unable to go without their mobile device for more than a few hours and will choose to pay a local repair center to fix the device rather than shipping it off to have the manufacturer repair it. In addition, manufacturer warranties typically do not cover accidental damage which is 70% of the mobile phone repairs we see.

Initial Training

Digital Doc has an extensive training program that we put each of our employees through that has been very successful in insuring we provide the same high quality service no matter the repair or the tech handling such repair. We have expanded this training program for our franchisees to include other important facets of operating your own Digital Doc repair center!

On-Going Support

You will not find another Franchisor that cares more about the success of each and every Franchisee than Digital Doc. Some Franchise systems market and sale themselves but forget about their franchisees after they get them through the initial training. That’s not how Digital Doc Franchising LLC has been setup or operates. Digital Doc Franchising was intentionally setup to be a “Low-Cost” Business Opportunity and not to “Profit” off of the Initial Sale of the Franchise.

Our goal is to eventually have hundreds of locations throughout the US and firmly establish ourselves as “The go-to repair shop for all your electronic repair needs”. In order to do this, we have focused a lot of resources and time to make sure we have a strong support system in place for our Franchisees. Each franchisee will have a “Master” Tech that they can call on 24/7.

In addition, the “Master” Tech can jump on a webcam to provide video assistance if a franchisee encounters a new tech can connect via webcam to help the franchisee with a device that they have not previously repaired and receive step by step instruction to insure the device gets repaired properly. When a new device hits the market, Digital Doc Franchising will invest money to purchase the new device immediately in order to break the device down and provide our franchisees with a step by step manual to disassemble. We will also post a video on a Franchise Only web portal. Digital Doc Franchising will also assist in marketing efforts and will provide access to any radio jingles or TV ads that have been produced at that time.

Low-Cost Business Opportunity

As stated above, Digital Doc Franchising has been setup to be a Low-Cost business opportunity. It was important for us to keep our initial franchise fee and on-going royalty fees down so that our Franchisees are able to keep more of their hard earned money to reinvest in their own business for future growth. Some franchise systems will “mark-up” the price to everything the franchisee is required to purchase in order to operate their business successfully. We completely disagree with this philosophy. Digital Doc Franchising is setup to work for you, our franchisee, not the other way around!

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Please Note Min Liquid Capital Required: $29,000

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