The Best Recession Proof Businesses To Start Today ?

Its not surprising to me that a lot of would be entrepreneurs’ are researching starting businesses that are in a recession proof category. Here is my list of some of the best industry categories to start a small business in today  that offer the best chance of being recession proof or at a min recession resistant.

1. Health Care Related – No surprise here. Even in the midst of the worst economic down turn since the great depression most businesses that offered health and senior care related services thrived because of high demand driven by our rapidly aging population. Going forward there appears to be no slowdown for this trend making a lot of entrepreneurs very happy indeed.

2. Emergency Restoration Services – Regardless of good or bad economic times, home owners who suffer disaster  related experiences like water, flood, and fire damage have no choice but to call local companies that provide professional restoration and remediation services – which is covered anyway by home insurance – making this business model undeniably recession proof.

3. Home Owner Services – Despite the ups and downs of the housing market over the last 7 – 8 years homeowners’ are still willing and ready to invest money in maintaining their homes. That’s why businesses and franchises that offer home owner services like remodeling, junk removal, or handyman services for instance have done surprisingly well despite challenging economic times.