Start a high ROI senior fitness and physical therapy franchise business Today!.




Total Investment Range: $121,000 to $189,000 (single unit)
Min Liquid Capital Required: $100,000
Min Net Worth Required: $300,000 (Single unit)
Min Net Worth Required: $500,000 (Regional development territory)
Franchise Fee: $49,000 (single unit)
Locations Available: Nationwide

Join the movement that is putting care and time back into the delivery of healthcare service with an ActiveRx franchise.


ActiveRx is providing physical rehab and medically-supervised exercise to an exploding market of senior adults.

Now is the time!

Deliver rehabilitation services to an exploding senior market in a low overhead and low volume model with high ROI potential.

Opportunity Description

ActiveRx provides both patients and providers what they want most – time and care in the delivery of healthcare. Consider the advantages of an ActiveRx franchise:

  • A large, vital, and underserved market in the growing senior population
  • A recognized, credible brand with a time-tested, solid concept
  • Fast and reliable reimbursement from Medicare, Medicare Advantage and insurance plans throughout the U.S.
  • A web-based back-office system and electronic medical records system ActiveRx Managed Care Network, which streamlines franchise relations with insurance companies and takes care of day-to-day billing and administrative tasks
  • Valuable supplier relationships that result in preferred pricing on equipment, supplies, and payroll expenses
  • Exceptional employee benefits package
  • Minimal staffing requirements and equipment needs, making start-up easy
  • An executive team with extensive practical and research experience in physical therapy, and years of entrepreneurial and management experience
  • Activerx_mg2A business model that can work in any region
  • You don’t have to have a medical background to start an ActiveRx franchise–just the desire to make a positive impact on the lives of seniors and the ability to manage your own business with the tools that have been developed by the ActiveRx team.

Two-unit minimum Area Developments preferred.
Capital requirements pertain to two-unit Area Developments.

Accepting reservations for Regional Developers nationwide.

Today, many older Americans feel that the healthcare system is writing them off!

But you can join ActiveRx on a mission to redefine aging and re-instill time and care back into healthcare.

The ActiveRx concept is the outgrowth of many years in geriatric research, using a model designed and built during the past decade specifically to facilitate successful aging.

Now, every day, we are witnesses to powerful, life-altering improvements in function, independence and quality of life.

Encourage patients to choose how you age—to become stronger, remain independent, and prevent the injuries and chronic conditions that are all too often unjustly associated with aging.

The timing is perfect to be in the senior healthcare industry. Beginning in January 2011, first of about 76 million baby boomers in the United States turned 65. They are looking forward to a life expectancy that is higher than that of any previous generation and are proactive in seeking services to help them retain their independence. ActiveRx is positioned to emerge as the nation’s leading provider of wellness-oriented rehabilitation in the senior services category.

Contact ActiveRx below today! Regional Development Territories Are Available!

ActiveRx is accepting inquiries regarding franchise opportunities in all 50 states.

Please Note Min Liquid Capital Required: $100,000

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