A Top and proven kickboxing fitness gym opportunity.




Total Investment Range: $52,000 – $70,000
Min Liquid Capital Required: $50,000
Business Established Since: 2008
Units: 64
SBA Approved: Yes!

The 9Round™ Kickboxing Circuit Fitness Franchise

9roundimgFounder and CEO Shannon “the Cannon” Hudson has a passion for fitness and your success. Inventor of the 9Round Circuit Workout©, he is also an outstanding businessman and the reigning IKF Light Middleweight World Champion kickboxer.

Shannon invented a full body and entertaining fitness system wrapped inside kickboxing to get the average American fit. It’s called the 9Round Circuit Workout ©. At 9Round we have eliminated the boredom and repetition of machines and weights. And no boxing, kickboxing or MMA experience is required to be a 9Round franchisee. We take care of all the training needed.

The Breakthrough Concept:

If you’re looking for one of those “big box” gym concepts, then 9Round is not for you. At 9Round, things are different. We bring authentic “Philly Style” boxing and kickboxing training to the average person in a convenient and affordable 30-minute workout. 9Round workouts are unique, fun and guarantee results.

Our fitness model is so unique and the way the system works is phenomenal. That’s because we’ve solved the 4 major problems that usually keep people from getting fit:

  • TIME. We’re a circuit workout that only takes 30 minutes! There are no class times so clients can come in at their convenience and start their workout.
  • EXCITEMENT. There’s nothing worse than a boring workout! Each of our 9 stations is different, challenging and fun. Clients never get bored, because the workout is different every time.
  • EFFECTIVENESS. Clients work their entire body in 30 minutes. Not one minute is wasted as they build lean muscle and get the cardio they need so they see their endurance and strength improve quickly, which keeps them wanting more!
  • MOTIVATION. There is always a trainer ready at 9Round and we train every client, every time! This is the key to our success.

Getting America Fit, 9 Rounds At a Time

The Unique Franchise Opportunity:

Why consider the 9Round Franchise?

The 9Round Circuit Workout © is Federally Copyrighted. Shannon invented a “Disneyland” ride out of full-body fitness. Members become a kickboxer without the combat. Our trademark “9Round – Get Fit, Never Hit” ™ says it all.

We provide a 30-minute, 9 station circuit full body workout that affordably combines fantasy, speed for the busy American and fun by applying lessons learned and now shared from years of Shannon’s training as a professional kickboxer.

We know that great investments come out of concepts that lead the trends, are proven and uniquely different. The 9Round Circuit Workout © hit a chord with potential franchisees and because Americans are looking to get fit in a new, fun way.

Why do 9Round members become loyal followers?

9round_img1_250We’ll answer that question with a question. What’s the biggest problem in getting fit? Answer: Most people don’t see fitness as fun, they see it as a necessity and sometimes even as a bother. Why? Because most consider workouts boring, repetitious and time consuming. At a 9Round, there is no wandering about, no one is plugged into videos and headphones and no one ever wonders where the staff is. Our trainers are riding along side of the circuit at all times training, encouraging and calling out exercises between intervals.

At 9Round, our members flow immediately (or within 3 minutes) onto the 9Round ride for the workout of their life. They know where to go, the circuit drives them, the ambience motivates them, and they are out the door in 30 minutes sweating. The look and feel is that of a retro-style boxing gym – brick walls, dim lights, music rocking and trainer timers buzzing at timed intervals. Trainers motivate members each step of the way – at no additional cost.

We refuse to Fit In. We choose to Stand Out. We are 9Round, simple, clean and focused on full body fitness fun alone without weights and machines. We found a way and copyrighted it.

Franchisee Kelly Hanning in south Florida on her decision to join the 9Round Nation:
“I was a member of 9Round for just 4 months when I knew needed to be a part of 9 round in a bigger way. Now a year and half later I have 2 gyms up and rocking and looking for our 3rd location…I am excited about what my future holds with 9Round.”

The 9Round Difference.

9Round hit a chord in the American public as a distinctly different and fun way to get fit. The 9Round concept and way of doing business is fresh, proven, growing and simple. We offer a franchise that is affordable and a simple and lean business model and a way to put your passion for people, fitness and wellness to work.

We encourage you to learn more about how our company and franchisees are getting America Fit, 9 Rounds at a time.

Please Note Min Liquid Capital Required: $50,000

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